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Hey all!  Let me just tell you, my PR girls are THE BEST! :D  They are the sweetest, kindest people on this planet earth!  If you have any questions about products I offer, or just want some cool, new people to talk too, they are here for you!  Don't forget to mention them in the note section of your order for their own personal freebie!


Jackiee - "Hi guys! I'm Jackiee! I'm 25 and currently working full time. I plan on going back to school soon and finishing up my accounting degree. I don't know what I really want to do career wise yet, but I definitely know I want to finish school. As for planning, I've been planning most of my life. I got into bullet journaling about 3 years ago, and earlier this year I got into stickers...I finallly made the planner plunge at the end of May. I was anxiously waiting for July to start my planning life. and you know what? It's been life changing! Follow my instagram for my spreads, sales and hauls! :)  xoxo - Jackiee"

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Sarah - "Hello everyone! I’m Sarah and I’m one of Sara’s PR girls. I am currently in school studying to become an elementary school teacher. This has been a dream job of mine since I was little and I’m so happy to be pursuing that dream now. As far as planning goes, I’ve been planning since January of this year so I’m still learning as the weeks progress. My main planner is a Classic Happy Planner, and I’ve recently started using a TN to track all of my PR stuff. I’m super excited to be here and I look forward to getting to know all of you! For my planner spreads, hauls, and more, follow me on Instagram @sarahsplanninglife"

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Rafaela - "My name is Rafaela but the planner community calls me “Rafi” I am an SAHM to 2 little girls. I joined the planner community in July 2015 and found planner peace right away. I was gifted my first happy planner. I am transitioning into an EC for the first time. I am a vertical girl. I have a personal planner (EC) and a school/memory planner for my soon to be 1st grader. I will continue to use a Happy Planner for her. I love anything sticker related & I am trying to use what I have. I love drawing and painting and anything crafty related. God/family first. I love hard and deeply. Outgoing and love all"

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Ngoc - “HERROO ! i'm NGOC , pronounced like KNOCK as in KNOCK KNOCK , who's there joke 🙂 I'm currently back in school in the medical field & am on my way to entering the BSN program. I am a mother of a lovely 5 year old that also loves to plan with stickers & washi tape as I do. Planning has been a game changer for me. I have been able to keep up with my busy hectic schedule & at the same time enjoy planning out my past week or my current week. don't forget to follow me on instagram & drop by my youtube channel to see what I haul, PWMs , and sales ! I love making new planner / craft friends along my journey of exploring within the community of planning . soooo ..... Don't be a stranger ! mucho besos !“

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Chelsea - “What’s up? My name is Chelsea! I’m a stay at home mom who loves to blog, make videos (for myself and YouTube), obsessed with TheCraftyStudent stickers, and a true planner lover! I’m a girl mom to one and a wife to the most amazing man and best friend a girls can have! (Especially since he doesn’t get the whole sticker thing but happy wife happy life right?) Always busy but always free!

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Heather - Howdy y'all! Ha ha. I was born and raised in Northern Nevada and have moved back for good! I got into planning during a network marketing season in my life. I no longer sell but the planner bug never left! I got my mom on to planning too and we get to have our own little language and I love it! My personal and planner Instagram are the same.

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