About Me

Hey All! My name is Sara and I run TheCraftyStudent!  I am 26 years old & currently engaged to be married to the love of my life, Brandon.  We have a little dog named Jack, who is a WeeChon (a west highland terrier + bichon frise mix) and he is the light of my life! <3 I have owned my shop since late 2016!  I have went from being a junior in college, to a college graduate who still plans everyday life!  I have been a graphic designer for 15 years (and counting!), I love what I do and cannot see myself stopping anytime soon! I used to run my own graphics website from the time I was 14-20 years old, but I stopped that to focus on school.  I also owned a website hosting platform for a couple years along with the graphics website.  My passion is graphic design, always has been and it seems that it always will be since I keep falling back in to it haha!  My other passion is planning.  I've used a weekly planner from elementary school to now!  My obsession has just got worst (and more expensive lol) as time went on!  I couldn't ask for a better job, and better friends than what I've found in the planner community! You all make my day on a daily basis and I couldn't be more grateful.

If you are wanting a specific type of sticker, or kit, please feel free to contact me at Sara@TheCraftyStudent.com or on any social media (facebook, instagram, or etsy) and I can definitely work on something!  I love love love doing custom work! :) - S

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